Here's What Our Tools Do

Group Targeting

  • Reach your competitors' clients and fans
  • Target any Facebook group members
  • Create a high quality Ad Audience in several minutes

Professional Targeting

  • Reach the business decision makers
  • Target by Job Title or Company name
  • Save hours on searching for necessary contacts

Comptitor’s Social Media Analysis

  • Get insights for your competitors' audiences
  • Analyse any Facebook group or customers list
  • Optimize your audience research time

Enhanced Custom Audience

  • Create high quality retargeting audience.
  • Target by phone numbers, emails or even links to social media.
  • Fast retargeting without personal contact details research.

Linkedin Extractor

  • Search for LinkedIn profile in bulk using LinkedIn profile URLs
  • Search for LinkedIn profiles on the search page
  • Get contact details if the LinkedIn profile has provided

Instagram Extractor

  • Grow your Instagram followers organically with us.
  • Extract profile data & emails of Instagram Users.
  • Find influencers in your niche with their contact info.

Fanpage Extractor

  • Reach your competitors' clients and fans
  • Target any Facebook group members
  • Create a high quality Ad Audience in several minutes

Email Verifier

  • Check if the email is a disposable email
  • Check if the email inbox is full or not
  • Check if the email is working and deliverable

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  • Ads Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our dedicated Support Team are at your service. They’ll help you with any general, technical or billing queries. Simply give us an email at or chat with our 24/7 Support Team on our salepage

We hated the price of all the other tools. It is just so damn expensive. Understanding how many credits I would require & then choosing a plan was a pain. We went ahead and created a killer tool! All of the good things at an unbeatable price. Few users use less resources, few a LOT! In the end, it balances out + we’ve got some secret sauce!

Yes, the extensions are safe to use. You are expected to follow the recommended instructions mentioned for each extension to avoid getting your account flagged/banned. You are NOT required to share your Facebook/Linkedin credentials with the extension to use it.

All you need to do is contact our support email at and kindly provide your account email. Then the rest is taken care by us.

No worries, we had striven to create and provide users with the best data extracting tool as possible with this affordable price. At the same time, we’re always open to your constructive feedbacks so that we can consistently keep it being the best it can be.